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Peace, Love and Dance: Preview

Ball State University's Theatre and Dance Department invites you to attend the online premiere of Peace, Love and Dance Film choreographed by Indya Childs and filmed by Joshua Cleveland.


April 30 & May 1 2021 at 7:30pm EST

Talkback- April 30 at 8pm EST Link to Purchase tickets: Peace, Love, and Dance is a dance on film work influenced by self-described Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet - Audre Lorde and her writings on creatively using our differences to bring change. The work explores her idea of there not being a hierarchy of oppression and asks the question of "How do we find equity, justice, and liberation on race and gender issues that have been plaguing our world for centuries?" Through research and collaboration, Peace, Love, and Dance explores the possibilities to the posed question through acknowledgment of the past, understanding the depth of one's identity, and more. This work is an ongoing conversation and process.

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