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Thanks for stopping by. The ITP team would like to take this opportunity to clarify any questions you might have. Keep scrolling to read our FAQs!

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What's the point?

ITP was founded with a simple mission—to provide coverage of individuals and organizations in the dance scene that have been overlooked. We see how the press is a major asset to creators, and it can elevate a city in the global artistic scene. In any way we can, we are here to help. 

Why anonymous? Is every writer required to be anonymous?

Anonymity will be a decision that each writer makes. Our writers will have the option to add bylines in order to build a portfolio. We have others that would prefer to remain anonymous for a variety of reasons. This stance is not fixed, and it may change in the future to promote more transparency in the organization. We will work to find a place for each writer that reaches out based on their previous experience and writing sample, whether it is interviews, press releases, or editing.

What is the editing process like?

The editing process will be a collaborative effort between the writer and our team of editors. Most of our editors studied English, Writing, or Linguistics. Quality is extremely important to us. After the editors work with the writers, a preview/interview will then be sent to the choreographer to get final approval.

Will writers receive financial compensation?

At this time, we cannot afford financial compensation for writers or editors. This is a mutual aid campaign starting at the ground and working our way up! However, the companies that have requested coverage for upcoming events have offered complimentary tickets for the writers, left at will call (or a Zoom link). If you are wanting to write, but cannot make the commitment due to our lack of financial support, you can always use our rapid submission option to tell us what you think of any works you see!    

Will you review my work without telling me?

In the coming months, we will only cover a work if we contact the choreographer/platform or the choreographer/platform contacts us through our online submission form. Our year-end review, on the other hand, aimed to summarize the dance events of 2020 in response to the lacking ArtsATL year-end review. We want open communication and transparency in our organization, and we hope you will join us!

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