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DanceATL’s A.M. Collaborative Program Returns for a Second Season

Supporting Cross-Community Artist Collaborations


Contact Samantha Spriggs, Program Facilitator

DanceATL’s Education and Mentorship Committee presents the second cycle of A.M. Collaborative, a program for Atlanta-based artists of varying creative disciplines. A.M. Collaborative connects artists with a creative partner and group meetings, providing opportunities for joint investigation, artistic collaboration, equitable exchange of ideas, and community support. The program offers feedback, accountability, and space for creative exploration.

A.M. Collaborative is open to all Atlanta-based artists interested in creating within the mediums of dance and movement arts. Artists of all experience levels (18+) interested in sharing and energizing their creative practice are welcome to apply. The 2020-2021 artist cohort included dancers, choreographers, photographers, poets, costume designers, and interdisciplinary artists. Participating artists who moved to Atlanta during the pandemic found a way to meet the community and network in A.M. Collaborative.

Applications open June 16, 2021 and close July 19, 2021. There will be a Zoom info session to learn more about the program and ask questions on July 7 at 12PM. Artists will be notified August 2, 2021. Beginning Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 9-11AM, artists will meet once monthly on Wednesday mornings via Zoom. The program will also include optional in-person events. An in-person feedback session in January 2022 will precede a public showing in late February/early March 2022 (date TBD). For more information and to apply, visit

Participating artists will share their interests and creative inquiries at the initial meeting. With the guidance of the program curators, artists will partner with another participant for the duration of the program. These partnerships provide accountability, perspective, and support throughout each individual process. The program’s structure is flexible based on the participants’ interests and needs; in the 2020- 2021 cohort, some partners collaborated on a shared work, while others made separate works but gave feedback and informed their partner’s process.

The public showing is an opportunity to share work, research, and process with the Atlanta community. DanceATL will provide promotion, an artist profile, rehearsal space, and coverage in Promenade. Material presented at this showing does not need to reflect a finished artistic work; A.M. Collaborative focuses on the processes of connecting, energizing, trading ideas, and creating.


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