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Announcing the third Second Saturday at the Dance Hub ATL!

As a part of Hambidge Cross-Pollination Art Lab Second Saturday, Dance Hub ATL is

welcoming audiences in-person and virtually, to witness what our residents have been working

on. Please see the program below.

Note: the program is a subject to changes and add-ons. For updates and more details, please

follow our Instagram account @dance_hub_atl.

Studio will stay open for the audience from 2pm - 6pm.

2:45pm, 3:45pm

Outdoors (and live streamed): patio and green terrace in front of the studio:

- Nadya Zeitlin will activate the outside patio and green terrace in front of the Dance Hub ATL

studio. She is in the process of research for Archs and Textures site-specific work, inspired by

Socialist Modernism style in architecture. 15 minutes sessions.

During the whole duration of the evening audiences will have the opportunity to create their own

Archs and Textures objects via elements provided by Nadya. More details to come.

3:00pm, 5:00pm

Indoors (and live streamed):

- Frankie Mulinix (Vandellous) in collaboration with Jase Wingate are creating performances

based on hysteria and their research into the stories of women in psychiatric hospitals with that

diagnosis and the role of photography in establishing the practice of psychology.

They will share a butoh piece, Wandering Uterus, and a part of a clowning/butoh piece, Release

Me, Release My Body.

- Jessica Bertram will be sharing her work in progress entitled "the feminine divine/bloody

sacrifices" in collaboration with Brit Leland.

We are committed to maintaining safety protocols, recommended by CDC. We ask all our

guests to wear masks at all times in the space.

10 people are allowed in the audience for live performances indoors. High ceilings and open

windows will provide needed ventilation in the space. Live performances will be streamed online

via Instagram Live.

Question? Contact at:

Dance Hub ATL.

2450 Piedmont Rd NE, Suite 110, Atlanta, GA, 30324.

Instagram: @dance_hub_atl

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