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Announcing Dance Hub ATL!

Announcing a formation of a new creative structure in the Atlanta dance scene!

Dance Hub ATL was chosen among 70 proposals from the Atlanta community to become a resident of the Hambidge Cross-Pollination Art Lab, curated by Hambidge Center in partnership with Rubenstein Partners and Uptown Atlanta with funding from Lubo Fund and Fulton County Arts and Culture. Dance Hub ATL consists of 7 professional artists representing a diverse collective of artistic disciplines including dance theatre, Butoh, modern/contemporary dance, and performance art: Jessica Bertram, Leo Briggs, Porter Grubbs, Jacob Lavoie, Catherine Messina, Frankie Mulinix, and Nadya Zeitlin.

Dance Hub ATL will create a center of activity, pulsating with energy of curiosity, beauty and experiment, bringing life and vibrancy to the space from February through June, 2021. Artists will develop ideas among each other and artists of other disciplines, and share the inspiration and magic of unexpected art with passers-by and invited audiences. Each artist will inhabit the space differently. Personal projects include movement research, rehearsals and performances, live collaborations with composers and musicians, classes (virtual and in-person), installations, meditative practices, and site-specific performances outside the area surrounding the studio.

To start, through a shared Instagram account @dance_hub_atl all seven artists will give the general public a glimpse into the artistry and creative explorations happening within the space. Curious audiences will be able to watch creative processes and scheduled performances in person through windows of the space or at the outdoor patio. One opportunity to see Dance Hub in action is this Saturday!

March 13th, 2pm-6pm Dance Hub ATL will open their doors - live and virtually - for audiences as a part of Hambidge Cross-Pollination Art Lab Second Saturday.

4 artists - Porter Grubbs, Catherine Messina, Frankie Mulinix and Nadya Zeitlin - will share glimpses of their current creations. In addition to performances, we will introduce a new addition to our Hub - installations by Dima Alekseyev. -2:00 Studio is open to live visitors (up to 16 people at the same time, 10 chairs in the seating area. Masks are required). -2:30 Catherine Messina's process is a peek into the creation of phrasework for a large scale piece, and how to restage that work after a year away due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Two of the original cast of eight will share some of the prompts in creating duets, unison work, formations, and more. Online via Instagram Live and in-person. -3:00 Nadya Zeitlin will show Alice, study #1 - the beginning stage of a new work that Bautanzt Here is designing inside Dance Hub ATL. Online via Instagram Live and in-person. -3:30 The butoh piece performed by Frankie Mulinix is exploring memory, changing identity, and brain injury. Online via Instagram Live and in-person. -4:30 Porter Grubbs will share some improvisation scores that they've been working on for Medium Collective’s summer series. Plus they will set up a layout with some of their Demon Body portraits and narratives that they've drafted. Online via Instagram Live and in-person. -6:00 Studio closes.

Dance Hub ATL artists are committed to maintaining all the safety precautions recommended by CDC such as wearing masks, washing or sanitizing hands regularly, and keeping a 6 feet distance between people in the space. The formation of the Dance Hub ATL was facilitated by Nadya Zeitlin.

- Physical address: 2450 Piedmont Rd NE, Suite 110, Atlanta, GA, 30324.

- For inquiries about Dance Hub ATL please contact

- Please follow @dance_hub_atl on Instagram for more information and upcoming performances.

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