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Fly on a Wall presents 3rd annual Excuse The Art works-in-progress series

In partnership with The Windmill Arts Center, expands opportunities for artists.

Dates: 4/7/22 - 4/9/22, at 8:00 pm. 4/10/22, at 4:00 pm.

Location: The Windmill Arts Center, 2823 Church Street, East Point GA 30344

Price: $20 for one night or $30 for two nights

Refreshments: Available by donation

Masks Required

Excuse The Art (ETA), now in its third year, is a works-in-progress series presented by The

Windmill Arts Center in partnership with Fly on a Wall. The series highlights works-in-progress

by selected artists from the metro Atlanta area.

ETA has changed (and healed) my perspective about making art, being an artist, and being in

community. Fly on a Wall is deeply generous and generative and inspires me to be the same both in the community and towards my work. Because of the support and resources they provide, I can lean into the unknown a bit more, into what I don't know a bit more, what scares me, and feel held in doing so. Honestly, I feel like being a part of ETA has changed my life.” Lucy Smith, 2022 ETA Artist.

The 2022 ETA artists were selected by a diverse panel of artists and educators, through an open call for submissions. The artists were then given a small stipend, free weekly studio space, peer feedback sessions, and group discussions about their process leading up to the four-night series. Additionally, all proceeds from ticket sales will be divided amongst the artists. Sharing resources such as these is essential to Fly on a Wall’s mission, and helps remove some obstacles that independent artists face when trying to produce work.

“The goal for ETA is to give artists time and space to embody their ideas within whatever form they are working in. We wanted to then showcase the ideas, and invest in the audience/artist relationship.” - Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Fly on a Wall Co-Founder.

Each night between works, audiences will be able to give feedback for each piece via an online form that is easily accessible by phone. Audiences are also invited to linger

after the performance to speak with the artists in the lobby.

Big Show

Starting this year all ETA artists, both former and current, will be eligible for Fly on a Wall’s new program Big Show, which is designed to give ETA artists the support to

present a fully realized work. One application will be selected to have full production support from Fly on a Wall, a weekend in the Black Box at The Windmill Arts Center, and $2,000 in unrestricted funds for the project. Applications open immediately following ETA 2022.

2022 Excuse The Art Artists

ETA will be presenting two alternating programs throughout the series:

(Thurs + Sat)

​(Fri + Sun)

​Sam Ross

Lucy Smith of Medicine Art House

Candace Tabbs

Indya Childs

Darvensky Louis of Sequence One

Danielle Swatzie

Olivia Rae Bryant

Frankie Consent

Christina Massad of Fly on a Wall

Emily Christianson

First photo: Kaela Kristina’s “Human Nature” - ETA 2021

Second photo: Leo Briggs’s “Search History” - ETA 2021

All photos by Christina J Massad

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